HEALING GUILT is the card of the day. With guilt we punish ourselves while at the same time reinforcing with negative attention what we feel guilty about. Guilt and punishment are a vicious circle. What we feel guilty about we are stuck with and we don’t move forward. The ego suggests various ways to handle rather than resolve the guilt such as projection where we punish someone else for the guilt we have. We project our guilt on another. In this way the ego gets to keep the guilt which it makes itself up with while blaming another. Sacrifice is another way of trying to deal with guilt that hides but doesn’t lessen the guilt. What we feel guilty about was a mistake and mistakes can be corrected and the lesson is learned and we move on that much wiser. Guilt on the other hand is most destructive. It keeps us separate and it foments attack and self attack. Today let us see ourselves as Heaven sees us as innocent and merely in need of help. Let us forgive and relinquish the grievances that hide guilt so we can be carefree and happy. Have a brilliant day of release!!

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