HEALING HAVING BEEN CURSED is the card for today. Curses are not the truth and so can be expunged. They hide gifts of blessings and the miracle of freedom that Heaven is always giving. Open that door in your mind behind which hides a whole new level of your gift of truth and receive Heaven’s miracle. Let it bless and fill you. Pass it to your partner and children. Fill them up with these gifts….Next fill your mother up with them and pass them all the way back through your mother’s side of the family freeing your mother’s side of the family from any curses. Next do the same with your father and his side of the family. When this is complete do this with your partner’s mother and father and their ancestral family. Don’t forget step-parents as you receive their legacy also.

Only beliefs and guilt open you to being cursed and, of course, cursing another is a belief in cursing. Cursing hides the gift of blessing which is what you really want and is really yours for the receiving… Have a most wonderful day!

Chuck Spezzano, Card of the Day, Healing Having Been Cursed
Photo courtesy of The Nature of Things.

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