HEALING HEARTBREAK is the card of the day. It is one of the core traps the ego sets up for and once we have fallen for it it sets up a pattern of heartbreak and self-defeat. We get off the track and sometimes we don’t recover. With heartbreak there is always revenge against people present and from the past. It is a power struggle, a need not met, a willingness to suffer to prove a point and be right. It contains guilt, attachment, unworthiness, hatred, self-hatred, cynicism and bitterness. We used it to become independent, build our ego and hide from our purpose. It showed us where we had idols that we thought would save us and make us happy. We lost so much of our mind, heart and soul…Today is a miraculous day. Those we condemned as having broken our hearts we used as an excuse to do things our way or because we didn’t know how to go on with them or ourselves… Today we can ask for the truth and if we are not afraid of it, our collusion and self-deception will be revealed so we can choose to align ourselves with Heaven’s Will for us. Ask for God’s justice today to see that no one deserves condemnation as what we choose for anyone we choose for ourselves also. When you unveil the subconscious and soul mind you understand so profoundly that forgiveness is automatic even unnecessary. Have a profound day of release and restoration!!

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