HEALING INDEPENDENCE is the card for today. Most people favor independence but in this context ,it is a trap the ego uses to build itself . The separation that occurs is one of the main roots of all problems and traumas.We seek freedom but we won’t find it in independence,which cuts off our heart and blocks our ability to receive in our desire to have things our way. The control that independence seeks obstructs partnership in the desire to protect ourselves. Independence leads us further into the desert of dissociation the mind.becomes with independence.The ego also hides that to the extent we take on the independent role(and it is a role that doesn’t allow us to receive) is also the extent we take on sacrifice and victim roles .Roles lead to deadness and burnout except in the case of the victim role(and yes,when we are victimized we are playing a role) where we have both pain and deadness. Today is a great day to get your heart back and move toward the partnership of interdependence.This is where joy and enjoyment is found.
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