HEALING INTROJECTION is the card for today. Introjection is the swallowing of other’s pain or negative emotion. It is a trap that leaves us in the fusion of muddled boundaries blocking partnership and keeping us in sacrifice and Dead Zone. Introjection starts typically in childhood but I’ve known some world class introjecters who began in the womb. This makes it seem that to have a relationship with anyone is to have to swallow their pain. If we are doing it for others ,it is almost a sure thing that our children are doing it for us locking them in sacrifice and martyrdom also. It began with a judgment on God that He wasn’t taking care of the situation fast enough and we stepped in to handle it ourselves. Now it is time to give God back His job. You’ve kept Him out of work and in the soup line. It was all part of your unconscious plan to take over.
Now ask yourself how much pain did you swallow from your mother, father,siblings friends, ex-partners, present partner, children, grandchildren, etc. Put that all in the Hands of God and see what you are given in its place. Then ask yourself how many mechanisms of introjection you took on in your life. Give them all back into Heaven’s hands and see what you are give in return. Introjection has been one of the subconscious ways to stop the bonding of partnership and the joy that goes with it.
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