HEALING LUSTERLESSNESS is the card of the day. When you feel lusterless you feel like you are just ‘going through the motions’ rather than being actually present or giving yourself. You feel like you are watching a movie that you are dragging yourself through. This part has been a hidden part of your mind but today it can be healed as you commit to the next step, the truth  and giving through it to whoever needs your help. Today is a day to call up the inner peace you were created with and as to melt away the ‘blahs.’ Ask Heaven to bring you fully back into your body rather than driving your life  as if you were on your sunroof of your car. Commit to yourself today. Include yourself. Put the lusterlessness on the Altar of God and pffttt it away as the illusion it is. God didn’t create being lusterless so it is just another ego illusion that deserves no investment. Have a lucky day!!

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