Today’s card is HEALING MEANINGLESSNESS. Meaningless leads to depression and death temptation.

The ego offers meaning and even things to worship, such as idols of money,lust,romamance or power,
as if they would save us or make us happy.This eventually leads to greater disappointment or shattered dreams.

Meaninglessness is the battleground between the ego and Heaven though Heaven doensn’t fight. It simply offers the truth.

To heal meaninglessness is simple ,you merely ask Heaven, “What’s my meaning?”
The words that come in carry the grace of the words with them. If another layer of meaninglessness is there you
simply ask again.

Alternately someone who loves you could reel you back in to the game of life.Yet ,meaninglessness is close to
Awakening or at least another birth without the flimflam of the ego attempting to build or protect itself. It is not Heaven’s Will that there be meaninglessness, so there there is truth beyond our broken dreams that can sustain us.

May true meaning bless you all today.

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