HEALING MISUSE is the card of the day. The subconscious shows a much different story than the ones we have been telling ourselves or anyone else who would listen. The people we thought misused us were the very ones we misused sometimes as an excuse, sometimes to hold us back out of fear and always to separate at some level. Many times we were doing to them the very thing we accused them of. We hide things from ourselves. We deny things to ourselves until there is a rude awakening and many times we protest we are the victim. But victims seek an excuse to vent their anger and revenge and hatred though not necessarily at the one who victimized them but always at themselves. Today let us give up misusing ourselves and others in order to go independent. Where we suffered is always a good place to look for our misuse. Our emotions of fear, guilt, heartbreak, etc. are places of revenge and misuse. Let us give it to the Holy Spirit to undo our past and our suffering and be open to grace instead. Have an illumined day!!

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