HEALING NEUROSIS is the card for today. A neurosis is a pattern of emotional overreaction . We are off center and there is a self-defeating pattern that attacks ourselves and others around us. When something like this occurs with us or someone around us it shows what we have buried inside. Rather than judge ourselves or another we have the chance of healing this pattern. If someone around you is acting this out you can be grateful they are showing you what is hidden inside you and heal it once and for all for both of you. First ask Heaven’s help and let it be undone through grace. Another way is to remove any distance between you and the other. This will give you the bad feelings you have hidden inside. Feel those till they are melted away using grace to make it easier. This frees you both also. Don’t stop until you are at peace once more. Lastly forgive the other, yourself and everyone who comes to mind regarding this situation and emotion.
this also will free you though the more the pattern is stuck in pain and righteousness the more you will need to forgive to reach peace.
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