HEALING NIHILISM is the card for today. It reflects a belief system of negativity and despair. We can feel at our lowest point when this energy comes up. Some people feel suicidal but this experience of darkness and meaninglessness is a good time to recognize the ego  for what it is Let the ego die as unnecessary, constricting and detrimental to your progress. It is not time for us to die; it is time for our ego to die. When you hit these dark states where everything you believed seems to fall away and doesn’t sustain you, it is because they were just beliefs. All beliefs will fall away on the way to Oneness and what will be left in its place is awakening and then God-realization. So if you are courageous enough to welcome your present experience you won’t be stuck in it.It will unfold. Night is always darkest just before the dawn. This is a birth process as the ego dies another layer. These processes are closest to awakening. Trust it and it will unfold for a positive outcome. Have a great birth day !
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