HEALING OUR ANAL FALLACY is the card for today. This speaks of our belief that there is something that we could do in the way of work, planning, organization, efficiency or control that would help or save us. It is something that we rigidly adhere to and it is a mistake our ego holds to with all of its might.Today we can let go and trust that there is a Higher Power that we can turn our mind and our lives over to. Have a wonderful day of release and surrender. Heaven has a better plan than the one you made because as good as it is you can’t see or cover all exigencies. Only Heaven can do that. So, relax and put yourself and your situation in the hands of God…Have a fine day…!!

Chuck and Lency Spezzano, Psychology of Vision, Card of the Day, Healing Our Anal Fallacy
Photo courtesy of Our Beautiful World in Photograph.

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