HEALING PAST LIFE METAPHORS is the card for today. Call them what you will, we have these unconscious stories that pattern our minds, emotions and lives setting up what occurs. These can be healed as easily as anything. They depend on remaining hidden. As soon as you find what they are you can change them. Dark stories depict unlearned lessons and mistaken choices. Instead of these stories we can invite love and Divine Presence into changing the pattern and filling the story with light, love and miracles and redoing it, learning the lesson involved.

You can see these stories in dreams or through hypnosis or with strong intention, asking for Heaven’s help and using your intuition you can do the same. Ask yourself if you were to know is this story in a certain country. Then ask if in the story you are a man or woman. Next ask what happened in that story that’s causing all the problems and affecting you now. After reflecting on that a bit, ask that love and Divine Presence fill that story ever since you were a little child. Ask for miracles of love and see yourself sharing those and being given to everyone and everything in that story. How are things turning out now. Bring the successful energy of that story through your whole mind correcting it and right up to the present moment. If the story didn’t get better much, there is a hidden resistance that wants something more than healing. You can choose again what you want. You might want to ask what the other agenda is and consider if that is what you really want….have a good one!

Chuck and Lency Spezzano, Psychology of Vision, Card of the Day, Healing Past Life Metaphors
Photo courtesy of Namaste Cafe.

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