HEALING POWER STRUGGLE is the card for today. Power struggle depicts a need to get something outside ourselves which the other seems to be thwarting. It shows our attachment and their attachment also. One of the subconscious aspects of power struggle is that both parties are frightened of the next step and are using each other as an excuse not to move forward. If we don’t step forward we don’t recognize the soul gift offered us to ameliorate the situation. Nor will we see Heaven’s gift in the situation or gifted aspects of our purpose(what we came to do) and our destiny(who we came to be) that would resolve the situation. Had we received and embraced  these at the moment they were offered we could have totally averted the power struggle or problem. We don’t even have to know what these consciously are to accept them;they become known in the acceptance.
Commitment to the next step can heal a power struggle because when you go forward you meet your own needs and the other party gets the benefit of our stepping up by being raised to the next step also and that particular fight is over. When there is a huge fight both parties are frightened of the next stage in their lives.
Time to chose once again and realize we were using the other to hide our fear and chose the path of our higher mind and not the ego’s.
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