HEALING RETRACTIVE DISTORTION is the card for today. Retroactive distortion is looking back on an incident in life and making it painful though it was no big thing at the time. Today is a day to look back on our lives and take the pain out of it. Pain is a signal that we are making a mistake(not some other though maybe them too) and there is something we don’t understand ,a lesson we have not learned. We frame others and invested in littleness when we could have saved the day. We took on wounds to hide the attack we were making that gave us the excuse to separate ,do things our way and be independent. Every victim situation shows this in our subconscious; it was a heavy price to pay for independence, which is a dissociated role that always comes with victim and sacrifice roles. We invested in smallness and caught the very problem from another that we  had brought in a gift to heal. It is still within us waiting for us to choose truth, freedom and helping rather than condemning. Have a great healing day today!
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