HEALING RUIN is the card for today and a very important one. RUIN comes from a level deep in the mind that is full of bad attitude and authority conflict. It is covered by many defenses and compensations that makes us look innocent but it leads to ruin though we are seemingly doing the best we can. At this deep level we are using ruin to prove Heaven failed us and that God is a bad God and we should be on the throne. This also has to do with our judgment and authority conflict with significant people in your world who are in places of authority. This is a layer of the unconscious that rarely comes to the conscious mind as it is full of negativity, passive-aggression and rebellion. Today we can embrace the world-saving redemptive gifts and receive Heaven’s grace to dissolve the ancient ego that feeds this contrariness. Have the happiest day of release as you do because Heaven is offering miracles, if you are willing to release the grievance at the heart of this ruin!!

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