HEALING SACRIFICE AS THE CALL FOR PAIN is the card for today. One of the dynamics of sacrifice as a compensation for guilt and unworthiness is that it calls for pain.The desire to be treated roughly and rudely is one of the parts of our mind we hide from ourselves . Some see pain as the penance for sin and indulgence not realizing that pain actually generates more guilt and so becomes a vicious circle of guilt-self-punishment.
Today the whole vicious circle can be released into Heaven’s keeping and be replaced with love and self-love. This is Heaven’s Will for us and our true will. Only the insane consciously want pain and as we become aware that sacrifice calls for pain we can let it go in favor of the truth. Sacrifice is actually based on a judgment that someone didn’t take care of us very well and our sacrifice shows them how they should have done it. Judgment is the birthplace of suffering. But we hide these this from ourselves. Judgment is another compensation for guilt that doesn’t work to relieve it. Judgment increases guilt and again creates a vicious circle of judgment-guilt-self-punishment. It is time to get rid of our attraction to pain and doing things the hard way.
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