HEALING SACRIFICE–THE CALL TO PAIN is the card for today. No one consciously wants pain unless they are insane. The ego knowing that pain builds the ego at the expense of bonding convinces us to sacrifice as a way to love and help others. But whatever was done with sacrifice could have been accomplished without it. Sacrifice is a role; it hides lost bonding and the pain fear and guilt that goes with it. Sacrifice is competitive and a form of attack and self-attack. It looks to lose in the present and win in the future. Like all difficulty it is a way of putting the spotlight on us. Sacrifice blocks intimacy and success and instead gives us fusion to make up for the lost bonding. Examine fusion at any depth and you find guilt and co-dependency. Sacrifice promulgates sabotage and fear of commitment . It generates deadness in relationships and work. Today is a good day to let go of sacrifice and the pain it calls and embrace love instead.
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