HEALING SELF-DECEPTION is the card of the day. We have all deceived ourselves which is why we have a subconscious and unconscious mind. We have buried what we don’t want to see as well as the ancient past. All of this will need to be dredged up sooner or later for healing because otherwise it will keep programing us with self-defeating pattern that seem to just be happening to us. What we buried is what holds us back. It is the past covering the present and having us see dark clouds for the future. Today the blankets will be thrown back if you are at all willing. The ego will then turn its attacks inside instead of outside. Take yourself lightly and keep your sense of humor. If you condemn yourself for something. It is a sneaky ego way of holding onto it. Self-forgiveness frees everyone. Heaven sees you as completely innocent and it is arrogant to see yourself otherwise. HAve the best possible day!!

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