HEALING SELF-LOATHING is the card for today. Where we can’t stand ourselves today may show itself so that we may accept ourselves and give up self-condemnation. We usually hide our feelings of self-loathing because they are just too horrible for the self-image we have of ourselves. Yet the only way to heal these beliefs is to examine them and see that they are illusions and that we can let them go and thus purify ourselves. Self-forgiveness leads to all forgiveness as forgiveness of others leads to our own innocence. 

Where you are treated badly in life is where you believe and therefore invest in dark beliefs about yourself. This is the source of all dark things; it is self punishment and it is not the truth. Be determined to see and invest in the truth about yourself today. The defenses that hide these dark beliefs about yourself are crumbling.let the light in. Truth and light are synonymous. God loves you and the Supreme court has ruled in your favor. All else is ego arrogance and that leads to self-loathing. Have a great day of release!!
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