HEALING SEX AS AGGRESSION is the card for today. Sex as aggression backs men and women away from sex unless they are into sex as self-debasement. If you use sex as aggression with men it has the same effect as using sex as control, they will give up their favorite thing so as not to have that happen and you have lost your best way of motivating a man. A woman will just close up emotionally so there will be no ‘juice’, no richness, no heart and all you get is the ‘plumbing’.
 Attack on another is attack on yourself and you are lessening the meaning of sex and closing the door on sex as love or communication. Sex when it becomes political, such as with aggression, is lost as a vehicle to bridge to another. Sex as aggression causes another kind of aggression which is withdrawal. Today is a good day to reflect on what you are doing with sex and turn it over to your higher mind to straighten out for you. Let it be in charge for the highest integrity. Have a great day!
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