HEALING SEX is the card of the day. Sex can bring all sorts of benefits according to the research both physically and psychologically but it also takes the hit when there is a problem with lack of self-love. Sex reflects your relationship and your life so it can be the small symbol that changes the course of how things are going in an easy way. Bonding, love, acceptance, forgiveness, letting go , trust, giving all of yourself, helping and blessing instead of judgment are  a few of the ways to transform your sex life. Your sex life reflects all the choices you have made both hidden and not so hidden. If you have dark stories or traps set up so it looks like there is no way to change ,you can still change because it is not Heaven’s Will that you be trapped by anything. We keep changing and evolving until we reach the eternal changeless. Commit to HEAL SEX and listen within for each step. Have an effulgent day!!

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