HEALING SEXUAL GUILT is the card of the day. Every place there is an opportunity for healing the ego seeks to sabotage it such as with relationships and sex. Every time we indulge or objectify another using them to meet our needs we give ourselves guilt, self-punishment, withdrawal and even repression. With love and giving/receiving it could be another story altogether. Sexual guilt locks us into special relationships where we use others in a priveledged way and don’t join them in love with its ability to transform and even transcend. God didn’t create guilt so it doesn’t exist. The ego made it to keep separation in place which is the opposite of the ONENESS THAT is God. Today is a day to let go of sexual guilt and recognize the innocence given us at our creation that is God’s Will for us . The rest is an illusion we no longer have to support. Enjoy a day of truth and freedom!!

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