HEALING SPIRITUAL REPRESSION is the card of the day. It comes from the belief in sin which calls for punishment and eventually death. This makes God our enemy because of the role we have assigned to Him and us. Sin denies the unbreakable relationship of us with God, and declares Him the enemy Who would punish us because of sin leaving no one to turn to and free us in our misery. As a result the belief in sin puts us in conflict with Him and our brothers and sisters turning into the competition of who is the sinner and thus weakened and easy to defeat. Yet no one can change what is God’s Will and what He established in Oneness. God did not create the notion of sin as only Love creates and sin is its opposite. It’s an ego fabrication of self-condemnation to secure its place in and as separation. Today we can recall our eternal bond with God and know God’s Love for us and His help which is always available. Have a happy, peaceful day!!

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