HEALING TABOOS is the card for today. It depicts anything we feel shame or guilt about in regard to some socially defined reality. The ego suggests that we break a taboo in order to indulge ourselves but once we do, it uses it to punish and attack us. This typically stops us from some high level leadership project we are called to do. The loud voice of the ego can easily stop us from even hearing what we are called to do that would fulfill us and help those around us. This fits very nicely into our own fear pattern that began when we lost bonding .Actually our lost bonding was bonding we threw away in order to be independent. Taboos simply reinforce this separation and makes us believe we can’t help in the way we are called to. HEALING TABOOS re-establishes the flow and puts our past into perspective no longer hindering us but simply being part of our path. This experience and our subsequent freedom is then a great help in freeing others caught in a similar way.
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