HEALING THE ANGER THAT IS A SIGN YOU ARE A DIVA AND FEELING PRIVILEGED is the card of the day. This has deep roots. We want the world to conform

to how we want it to be and not how it is.. Anger comes from expectations and expectations come from demands and demands come from needs and fear which in

turn comes from separation in the past that led to building our ego, the ultimate diva. Today on the other hand we can use our anger as an indication that we are off base and instead use it for healing.

There is always a deeper emotion under anger and its righteousness. If you ask what that is and feel that the anger falls away and the healing can begin. At a subconscious level anger

comes from a split mind where we didn’t want what happened and we secretly wanted it to happen for some reason such as getting rid of old anger or displacing our guilt. Whatever

the reason we are using it for we can let it go and go for the healing also letting go of whatever diva energy we have along with the sense of privilege which we may have projected on

someone around us. Unless you want to keep facing this commit to your healing instead of trying to change someone to meet your needs through anger. Have an amazing day!!

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