HEALING THE ATTACK ON GOD is one of the ways to have whatever you want. Every bad thing that ever happened to us, every scarcity in our lives, all of our guilt was bottom line just a way to attack God so we could remain separate. What a bad investment! Every time we attacked anyone or had anyone attack us it was all to attack God. To stop attacking God is to allow ourselves to receive everything. As it states so well in A COURSE IN MIRACLES ” God is That which gives all to all”. God is giving us everything in the dream. What’s the big deal; it’s all a dream. Once you have what you want ,that need is fulfilled and you move on. Our refusal to have it all–love,joy and abundance–is just our attempt to prove God is a bad God and we should get the job. This is the authority conflict at the root of every problem. Our ego wants to be God and it doesn’t care what it has to do to succeed at it.
 Let the love in today . So much has been wanting to come to us but we have blocked most of it came about as a result of this deep and ancient fight that we’ve hidden within us . Open and air out your unconscious. Let the light in. Let the love in. Let it all in.
If God’s been giving us everything and we don’t have it all, it is time to look within and set our true will free.
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