HEALING THE BLAME STORY is today’s card . This is a fundamental healing card because where we have blame and grievances we stop and attack ourselves as well as others.In the subconscious we used the person we blamed as our excuse to hide ,run from our purpose, not step up and shine,refuse the gifts that would have stopped the situation before it occurred,etc. Those we blame ,we frame! A blame story seems   true to us and others but when we see what is going on in our subconscious an entirely different story is going on ,one in which we are a co-maker of any situation that happened to us.The sooner we take responsibility the sooner we will realize that we are all innocent. Forgiveness or deep honesty HEALS THE BLAME GAME and as such it heals our hidden guilt. When someone did something that we blame them for,they have done something that goes against our rules but at a deeper subconscious level what they did  is exactly following our hidden script. A BLAME STORY cripples us and keeps us emotionally immature so the HEALING OF THE BLAME STORY restores our innocence and frees us from the past.
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