HEALING THE CHAIN OF GUILT OF THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP is the card of the day. The special relationship begins with a sense of privilege and expectation that another treat us as the most special one. All pain and upset in a relationship comes from another’s failure to treat us special. Specialness comes from separation and the desire to have someone make up for this. But it is never enough. The subconscious shows that all of our losses were to separate, be independent and blame another for our loss. This blame hides our guilt which locks in this pattern of heartbreak and loss. To forgive another for where they didn’t treat us special is to be forgiven of the separation we secretly set up as loss to us to make our ego which attempts to be special through aggrandizement or the dark glamor of suffering. Today there is grace for recognizing and correcting this”great destroyer of love and bonding” that masquerades as love. Forgiveness and love restore the union that brings joy and this is what we really want. Have a beautiful day of restoration   !!

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