HEALING THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS is the card of the day. The pandemic, the wars, the threats of war, political aggression and suppression, famine, the economic crisis, weather issues including global warming are all part of the collective unconscious as it pushes through everyday life giving us the opportunity for global healing. If we but realized our spirit we would also realize that we have no limits; we could also join with Heaven to pour love and light to whatever area of the world that we are paying attention to. In the last 4 years everyone, not just masters, have this collective energy coming up and infusing their personal issues making them more chronic. These hide soul level, redemptive gifts that help transform both chronic problems and the collective if we are willing to deny the ego’s littleness and invest in our purpose and destiny. Today feel the grace that brings Heaven’s power and miracles for whatever you face in the world today. Today bring the carefree energy of your destiny to the world. Have an amazing and powerful day!!

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