HEALING THE COMPETITOR (SHADOW) is the card of the day. Competition is based on fear. It is what drives us to try to win over others. It is caught in the vicious circle of win-lose and you have to play both sides to keep it going so losing is inevitable sooner or later if you try to win. This keeps us in dissociated independence whose furthest state is being in deadness or The Dead Zone. To go beyond the competitor is to reach partnership.

The shadow of the competitor speaks of how while we have judged it and hate it in ourselves. We have repressed and projected it. We have hidden it from ourselves but it is still present toward our partner, others and even God. Grace today reveals the extent of our competition giving us the awareness to make a new choice about what we really want: partnership or competition. Partnership is the gateway to success while competition blocks receiving and the true giving that makes life sweet and easy. Have a wonderful day of discovery and freedom!!

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