HEALING THE CONSTELLATION OF SHATTERED DREAMS is the card for today. This constellation is the combination of at least five conspiracies against ourselves and our purpose, the first of which is happiness. We do this to keep separation, fight Heaven to do things our way, get revenge, attempt to appear normal and hide the giftedness and the light inside us. This is what has stopped us from harvest and the golden life. This shows our unconscious tantrum because we don’t have the specialness we want and it reflects our bad attitude and where we have idols to stay locked on the earth plane instead of going beyond it to ecstatic Oneness. Today is a huge day for healing. Go with the flow of it and it can be a major step forward for ourselves, those we love and the world in general. Have a fine day!

Chuck Spezzano, Psychology of Vision, Card of the Day, Healing the Constellation of Shattered Dreams
Photo courtesy of Our Beautiful World & Photographs.

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