HEALING THE CONTRARY STORY is the card for today. The CONTRARY STORY is one of the dynamics of chronic problems at an unconscious level .It willfully goes against whatever is the truth. Naturally we hide such negativity from ourselves,sometimes by acting the opposite of contrary. Contariness is a form of attack that goes against our desire for wholeness and a story means we are doing chapter after chapter. It is part of a tantrum and ‘shtick’ ;it is the very example of our fight with God though it will also show up with the people around us.

This is a good thing to get rid of as the CONTRARY STORY will negate all of our seemingly good intentions and efforts to make our lives better . We probably don’t even know it is going on it is so well defended. A CONTRARY STORY HEADS IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF WHAT YOU THINK YOU WANT TO HAVE HAPPEN.  It will show itself as obstacles and opposition around you .Ask how many of these you have and let them all go today . You are getting a better offer that will bring wholeness and self-value.

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