HEALING THE DARK STORY is the card for today. We might easily discover that we have been telling a Dark Story such as Guilt, Heartbreak,Revenge,Fear, a Villain Story,etc. If we keep having something ongoing in our lives such as Scarcity,Bad Health or Hard Work you might take a look at what you are scripting for yourself because everything that shows up in your life continuously is something you wrote. Most Dark Stories have a tantrum tied to them but we are the ones writing this story that we are having a tantrum about.
We script the Dark Story and then have a tantrum about the story we wrote for ourselves. This hides both a fear of going forward and a bad attitude that those of us who are sweet,nice and kind would be horrified to see but that is what hides in the deep unconscious. Time to recognize it take responsibility for it and let it go.
Happy hunting! Hope you catch a big one!
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