HEALING THE DEADNESS STORY is the card of the day. Part of us may have died emotionally as the result of a death in the family or from  long time stress or from a trauma or burnout. The results have us living a half life. This is not Heaven’s Will for us nor is it our true will. Healing is called for. Forgive life, the incident, those involved including yourself and God. At some level the whole issue is a fear you cannot do your purpose or handle the next step. Another hidden aspect is revenge. We are getting revenge because of what happened. There are attachments that can be let go of as well as the revenge. But you can succeed with whatever you are called to do with Heaven beside you though you may have to forgive Heaven to receive the grace that’s been awaiting you. Let go of any attachments and blow the sacred breathe of life into any parts of you that died as a result of what happened. How many deadness stories do you have? You have been writing them; you can let them go. You can also send angels to love the part of you writing those stories until they grow up and melt back into you in wholeness. Have an amazing day!!

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