HEALING THE DECEIVER’S STORY is the card of the day. The deceiver’s story begins with self-deception and denial. It is the belief that you can indulge yourself with impunity. That there is no karma and you can get away with anything others don’t know about but what you do to others you do to yourself and lack of integrity blocks your ability to receive so you get into a cycle of taking that ends badly. Today the grace is there for healing and atonement. You are not stuck in deception or self-deception. That is not Heaven’s plan. Every heartbreak contains self-deception as does holding on or being deceived. The ego is treacherous to those who side with it as A COURSE IN MIRACLES states. Divorce your ego. Listen to your higher mind. Don’t condemn yourself for the past and don’t condemn yourself for what others did to you as it is just a way to hold on and not learn the lesson. If you don’t condemn yourself you are both free. Don’t let the past run your life now or be between you and those you love. Have a day of release and freedom!!

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