HEALING THE DEMON METAPHOR is the card for today. What used to be called devils and demons in more modern language is the ego. In this regard it is ancient fragments that we split off from ourselves that seem to have a mind of there own and act against our best wishes. They are the self-concepts, the shadows and the ancient splits that seem to have no part of our conscious intention but are part of the authority conflict splits that are buried at the deepest part of the unconscious mind.
Today is a blessed day in that the deepest parts of our mind can be returned to wholeness. This will allow ourselves to clear malice, passive aggression,authority conflict,negativity, bad faith,hatred,evil,the fight with God( anything you hold against anyone you hold against God) and a host of other repressed issues.
Whenever you deal with this area of your mind it is easiest to call in Heaven’s help. Join Heaven’s light to yours and imagine the center of that light being at your heart and than spiraling out with that laser light healing and clearing away the constellations of these beliefs about yourself. Than ask your FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES to clear any left over and take them back to the light. Only in the last ten years has it been possible for this level of the mind to be redeemed on the collective level.
So, Happy Healing today! May you achieve great freedom and the end of what has been sabotaging your dreams.
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