There is an age-old desire to throw ourselves away. It began with The Fall where we dreamed we lost Oneness. We thought we had lost Heaven . But you cannot lose something that is within you. You can only pretend that it is not there. We use the primordial guilt of The Fall and the desire to rule a kingdom of our own as the way to stay separate. All of our traumas fit into the this ancient desire to dispossess ourselves in order to be on our own. We make ‘bad guys’ in our lives to hide this hidden wish to throw ourselves away so we can do what we want. Our anger and violence compensates for the fear that began at The Fall as terror . It is this justification of attack on others and ourselves that is the foundation the ego is built on.
HEALING THE DISPOSSESSING OF OURSELVES is a major step back toward joy and the love that is the foundation of happiness and Heaven.
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