HEALING THE ENTITY SHADOW is the card for today. Like all shadows it speaks of a part of our mind we judged, repressed and split off. we then projected it to attempt to get rid of it but this advice of the ego never worked. We still believe it about ourselves and hate ourselves for it, which we  then try to impugn on the one we have projected . An entity shadow can seem like we are possessed or that something not us is within or has momentarily taken us over… Using your intuition.Ask yourself how many you have inside. Then take them all to Heaven’s Trading Post and see what you are given in return. There’s a good trade in on entities of any sort today. Have a good one!

Chuck Spezzano, Psychology of Vision, Card of the Day, Healing, Entity Shadow, Intuition, Judged, Heaven's Trading Post
Photo courtesy of Our Beautiful World in Photograph.

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