HEALING THE FEAR CONSPIRACY is the card for today. Fear is one of the roots of all problems including illnesses, anger, scarcity and heartbreak. A conspiracy is a trap that is set up so good that it looks like there is no way out. But that is not Heaven’s plan for us so there is always a way out. If we put our future in the Hands of God and rest in Him peace begins to melt away the iceberg of fear. Love heals fear so if we concentrate on loving someone and even a number of people through the fear it can also melt it until there is only the peace that brings health, abundance and more love. God’s Will for us is total happiness. Nothing can change God’s Will so the rest is illusion. Today let us pierce the dark clouds instead of hunkering down in paralysis. Find the great gifts and joy that fear hides and uses to keep us small. Have an amazing and miraculous day!!

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