HEALING THE FEAR OF FANTASY is the card of the day. Fantasy hides needs which hides fractures in our mind that came about through separation. We use fantasy as a band aid but it keeps the problem going. Whether a fantasy is about success, sex, etc. it speaks of need and for some people this is frightening. They can also be frightened of how easy it is to slip into a fantasy and fantasies are forms of inflation that can carry guilt. Once the fear of fantasy is dealt with than fantasy which blocks receiving can also be dealt with simply by letting them go or placing them on the Altar of Truth. Fantasies make us feel momentarily better but it actually makes the deprivation and inability to receive a bigger problem. The more we fantasize the less we are satisfied by life and people around us. Fear is an emotion that comes from a fantasy and fear is healed by love…Embrace the love today and everything falls into place. Have an amazing day!!

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