HEALING THE FEAR OF FANTASY is the card of the day. This means that a person is afraid of violent and/or sexual or substance fantasy which they believe that is the most terrible sin. And that could be overwhelming if they let let it loose and seeing. Everyone could have such fantasies that they keep repressed that began with competitive, aggressive or sexual family fantasies. Today is the day to let Heaven clean out your mind of such fantasies with its Truth. They take up lots of energy both for the repression and for the fantasy that robs you of energy, well-being and creativity. Today let Heaven free you either once and for all or layer by layer. If there is a secret attachment to the fantasy it will return time and again. Let your self be free. It is Heaven’s Will for you to be free and your true will also. Receive the help you want and need today. Have a great time as a day of freedom!!


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