HEALING THE FEAR OF GREATNESS is the card for today. Greatness is our natural state. It comes from fulfilling of purpose on one hand and our identity as spirit on the other . Both of these things are anathema to the ego,which either wants to exaggerate us or shrink us,mostly this latter. Every heartbreak or shattering in our lives is our siding with our ego and having our best excuse not to show up as evidenced in our subconscious minds. HEALING THE FEAR OF GREATNESS is being true to ourselves. It is upholding the sacred promise we made to contribute to awakening from this dream, which for many is a nightmare. To embrace our greatness is to step up and give it all. It is to put it all on the line. It is to be real and come out of hiding. Have a great today today as you get to know more of the real you.
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