HEALING THE FEAR OF POSSESSION is the card for the day. This can heal our independence and return us to new levels of partnership. With the fear of possession we are afraid of being possessed but really that fear stems from how possessive we were early on in our relationships. In truth we are only ever resisting what we believe about ourselves.As we forgive or integrate how we used to be then the fear of possession fades.
There is an unconscious fear of possession which comes from fear of letting another become so close that we fear we would have a meltdown usually in joy but it’s not us that we would meltdown only our ego. Also at an unconscious level there is the fear that we would be possessed demonically. This occurs for a number of reasons the main one being that we want it. At the deepest levels what we are afraid of is what we are attracted to. Today is a good day to put all that behind us. We can take all of these fears to Heaven’s Trading Post . I hear there is a good trade-in on fear of possession today. We trade in illusion and receive back some helpful gift. Can’t beat that! Have a blessed day!
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