HEALING THE FEAR OF POSSESSION–UNCONCIOUS LEVEL is the card for today. It reflects a fear of the dark supernatural and fear of ghosts,demons and other such aspects of the ancient fragmented ego. This is redundant as what comes up  as ego is fragmented. This fear can keep us frightened of intimacy and keep us on our own because we don’t want to lose control, This is a great day for winning back our wholeness, innocence and power and taking a leap forward in our evolution toward Oneness. It is time to relinquish this fear of darkness and rely on our higher mind, the Holy Spirit ,the Tao ,etc.to protect us from what is really our illusory selves. That we have fear shows we are relying on ourselves and have no recognition of who walks beside us. Time to heal a big portion of the ancient authority conflict that keeps us stuck and in misery.Have a great one today. 
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