HEALING THE FEAR OF SEX is the card for today. Most people who give up sex think it’s for a good reason. Yet most of the time they are are caught in a fear of sex and have hidden and denied this. A fear of sex is a fear of life. And HEALING THE FEAR OF SEX can heal a lot more than sex. Today is a good day to put your fear of sex on the Altar of Truth and ask for a miracle and a clear communication regarding your life and your sex life. We live in a dream world as the Buddha said. We are dreaming everything especially sex which is simply a communication. So, it is really no big thing unless you have made it so for some excuse. Also, the Buddha said for enlightenment desire nothing(deluding desires) and resist nothing. When you are afraid of sex and life you head for death which is extremely unfortunate as you have come to show the way to Life and the Light. Have an amazing day!!

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