HEALING THE FEELING OF BEING UNWANTED is the card for today. This is a mistaken pattern carried over from the womb or early childhood . It leads to neediness or independence on our part which pushes people away and sets up a self fulfilling prophecy. It comes from misunderstandings about what is going on with our parents. For example we find that if we imagine our parents happy, resourceful, confident and abundant, then all of the behavior we interpreted as rejecting fall away.
The feeling of being unwanted or rejected comes from OUR not wanting or rejecting them. To make this mistake sets up heartbreak and victim patterns.
These patterns are set up to hide Oedipal feelings or even more bottom line to become independent(though this is a role that always goes along with victim and sacrifice roles also) . The control and doing things our way of independence is dissociated and is not freedom.
This feeling of being unwanted can be so strong as to be a conspiracy but it can be let go of once we clear our misunderstanding ,help our parents instead of judge them and let in all the love they have for us.
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