HEALING THE GREAT WAR BETWEEN FORM AND SPIRIT is the card for today. The Great Wars are the major clefts in the mind in the unconscious at the Vision Stage. They are what locks in dualism and the split of separation in our mind. Between both sides there is a great amount of pain that can come up to keep these two sides apart.

 Form is the vehicle of the ego and it uses the body’s eyes. Spirit is the essential part of us and it is how we are created. 
Ask how many levels this great war goes down in your mind. You can take all of these to Heaven’s Trading Post for a good return on a nasty trap or simply walk down the middle of all the battlefields simultaneously. As you walk down the middle both sides will cease the fight (actually spirit never fights back.Why would it fight an illusion?!). Walk until you get about 20 steps past the battlefield turn back to look and you will find that both sides have integrated leaving wholeness on all levels.

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