HEALING THE GREAT WAR OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES is the card of the day. We project our deepest self-concepts and our most hidden shadows onto our partner not realizing we have come to save them and vice versa. We do this through love, acceptance, forgiveness, overlooking mistakes, letting go of attachments, trust, integration and commitment. We have come to help them and we cannot do this if we don’t recognize  that what is not love on their part is a call for help. Do not let your needs, righteousness, desire to win, having things your way or your fear of the next step lead you into fights or withdrawal. Your partner is your best chance to reach the gate of Heaven together. How they act are your old and ancient self-concepts. Forgive them and yourself. Take the next step together. You can’t fight if you give them the soul gifts you brought in for them and if you share these you are both blessed. Have a renaissance of love in your life!!

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