HEALING THE GREAT WAR OF TIME AND TIMELESSNESS is the card of the day. We are all doing time but the way out is into eternity and back to Oneness. We first reach the paradise of Heaven on earth and then Heaven Itself. The ego sets up the polarity of time and timelessness and many other great wars to rob us of energy through compensating for these great wars. Compensations and roles are the way that we hide these great conflicts. They still affect us but we aren’t aware of them. Today is a day where it is possible to dissolve this conflict as only timelessness is true and the bliss of timelessness can return fully. Grace supports us in returning to the eternal. You can realize that this conflict could simply be transcended by walking right down the middle of that battlefield. The warring sides will split apart and you can continue all the way past it. There is then the peace of recovering a part of your mastery mind. Have a transcendent day!!

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