HEALING THE GREAT WAR OF WINNING AND LOSING is the card o the day. We don’t realize how much competition affects us in a negative way. If you don’t come from the mythical bonded family than it infuses your whole outlook on life. The ego wants there to be winners and losers as it is a system based on fear with the winners reluctantly paying the price for the losers. It continues until you reach mastery, paying for winning with guilt and dissociation. It is time to commit only to everyone winning. Heaven has a way for this to occur if you commit to it and turn your mind over to Heaven continuously. Otherwise even in a loving relationship you find one partner losing health, recognition or self-worth. Today know that everyone can win equally and put however many of these great wars that you have on the Altar of Truth with miracle-minded forgiveness and let them dissolve. Be aware when it attempts to slip in again at every new stage. Enjoy the commonweal of everyone winning. Have a superb day!!

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